Our Process

To ensure cohesive messaging and visual identity, we follow the university's brand platform. Our writers generate copy for a number of regular university publications. However, many projects require having the content submitted. It may be edited to fit within the brand platform.

You will be involved in the proofing process from start to finish. You will review and provide feedback on the project at several stages during the process, and you will give the final approval before the project is completed. Although members of our office also proof the material, the responsibility of making sure everything is accurate rests with you.

After the project has been approved for print, we will find a suitable printer, either Missouri State printing services or an outside printing establishment, and will handle the required bidding process. We will monitor the progress of the project while it is being printed.

Projects printed off-campus will be delivered to the Missouri State receiving dock, unless otherwise noted. Delivery to you will be coordinated by the receiving dock and our office.