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For students registered with the Disability Resource Center and approved for out-of-class testing accommodations, please provide the following information to schedule exams with the DRC.

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Student responsibilities agreement
  • The DRC requires at least 7 day’s notice for regular exams and quizzes.
  • I have provided my accommodation memo to the instructor and have discussed my accommodations with them.
  • If my requested start time is different than the class, I have discussed this with the instructor and received approval.
  • The instructor is free to confirm or change the time, date, and specifications as to how the exam is to be proctored (with the exception of approved accommodations).
  • Changes to my exam/quiz scheduled times must be approved by the instructor.
  • If there are changes or additions to my exam/quiz scheduled time, I am responsible to ensure that both the instructor and the DRC are aware of them.
  • All cancellations must go through the DRC.
  • If I am suspected of academic dishonesty, full information will be turned over to the instructor of the course for review and possible disciplinary action. In addition, the Director of the DRC may consider following  Student Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures.
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