Tentative Program Schedule

The dietetic internship certificate program follows the University academic year, but not the University academic calendar. Interns who are on track and have satisfactorily completed the requirements of the program will not have supervised practice hours on the designated dates listed below:

Thanksgiving Holiday
Holiday Break: Approximately 10 days in December and January
Spring Break: 1 week in March

Schedules are subject to change year to year. Detailed rotation schedules are provided during orientation. Dietetic interns need to be flexible for internship hours can start early in the morning and go into the evening hours and vary from week to week. Take note that there will be some Saturdays where interns meet on University campus for class or have functions in the community to participate in.

A mandatory 8 day orientation will be just before University classes resume each fall. Supervised practice hours will begin the day that University fall classes begin. The internship will begin in August and conclude in May.

Course Calendar

DateDidacticSupervised practice
Mid-August Orientation I  
Weeks 1 - 6 DTN 745-1 DTN 740
Weeks 7 - 12 DTN 745-2 DTN 742
Weeks 13 - 17 DTN 745-3 DTN 743
Beginning of January Intersession - Orientation II  
Weeks 18 - 25   DTN 741 or DTN 744
Mid-March Spring Break Optional International Experience
Weeks 26 - 32   DTN 744 or DTN 741
Mid-May Capstone Week  

Excited MSU dietetic interns with Molly Kellogg at a counseling workshop

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