Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for Dietetic Internship Certificate Program

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for program admission:

Program accreditation

The Missouri State University Dietetic Internship Certificate Program has been granted Full Accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).  ACEND is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' accrediting agency for education programs preparing students for careers as registered dietitian nutritionists or dietetic technicians, registered.  ACEND serves and protects students and the public by assuring the quality and continued improvement of nutrition and dietetics education programs.  Programs meeting those standards are accredited by ACEND.

Program goals

The Dietetic Internship will:

  1. prepare graduates to be competent for practice as entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists.
  2. prepare graduates with life-long learning skills which will enhance the dietetic profession and demonstrate leadership in the field of dietetics.
  3. emphasize and model a commitment to community engagement, preparing graduates who are socially accountable.

Admission requirements

  1. Evidence of meeting the minimum academic requirements from an ACEND-approved Didactic Program in Dietetics by a "Verification Statement" or "Declaration of Intent to Complete Degree" and/or ACEND-approved "Minimum Academic Requirements" within five years of application.
  2. Completion of the baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
  3. Cumulative GPA of 3.00 over the last 60 hours of academic work taken.
  4. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) required taken no earlier than five years prior to application with a preferred minimum score of 150 in Verbal, 141 in Quantitative, and 4 in the Writing Sections.
  5. Completed application form.
  6. A personal philosophy statement not longer than 1,000 words that addresses the applicant's professional career goals and how the DI program will help accomplish these goals.
  7. Students for whom English is a second language must earn a minimum score of 600 (paper-based), 250 (computer-based), or 100 (internet-based) within two years prior to application on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).  The TOEFL website is
  8. Three written recommendations received with the application must be without significant reservations/concern.
    1. Dietetic academic reference
    2. Work or volunteer reference
    3. Final reference is the applicant’s choice
  9. Resume which includes:
    1. Work experience in dietetics, including number of hours of paid and volunteered work
    2. Involvement in college and/or community activities
  10. After the application period closes, the selection committee will review all of the applications and select students for an interview.  Interview will be conducted via telephone.  
  11. Following admission to the Missouri State DI, interns will complete the Graduate College Application for Admission and be enrolled in the graduate college.
  12. After formal admission to the University and the program, interns will submit a completed Graduate Certificate Plan of Study.
Upon acceptance to the DI, additional requirements include:
  1. Meet technical standards of the program in order to successfully undertake the course of study including evidence of good health.  These standards are available upon request from the program.
  2. Evidence of immunization or vaccination for vaccine-preventable diseases to include MMR, tetanus, TB test, Hepatitis A, and a complete Hepatitis B series including a titer demonstrating immunity.  Other vaccinations may be required such as a seasonal flu vaccine.
  3. Evidence of professional liability and health insurance, including hospitalization.
  4. Provide documentation of negative tuberculosis status or evidence of appropriate follow-up.
  5. Hold and maintain infant, child and adult CPR certification valid throughout the DI.
  6. Hold ServSafe Certification valid throughout the DI.
  7. Interns must have reliable transportation and provide evidence of vehicle liability insurance that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of the State of Missouri.
  8. Student membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  9. Interns must enroll on a full-time basis and progress through the program as a cohort group.
  10. Submit a drug screening test and criminal record check* and receive response that the applicant has not been convicted of any crime pursuant to Section 324.217 or other disqualifications that would prohibit licensure as a registered dietitian.

*Students who fail these checks or procedures will be subject to further review by the Department of Biomedical Sciences. 

Admissions Requirements for the Graduate College

Following admission to the Missouri State Dietetic Internship Certificate Program, interns will complete the Graduate College Application for Admission and be enrolled in the graduate college. In order to be enrolled in the graduate college you must turn in an application along with a $35 application fee. 

After enrollment in the graduate college, interns will submit a completed "Plan of Study" to the Graduate College. Interns will work with the certificate program advisor to determine which courses will be taken towards the certificate.  Keep in mind that courses taken for undergraduate credit may NOT be used on a Plan of Study for a graduate certificate.

If it becomes necessary to change a course originally listed on the approved Plan of Study, a Change of Certificate Plan of Study Request form should be completed and submitted to the Graduate College.

Admitted Students

Students that have been admitted to the Internship program must pay a placeholder fee of $500.00 known as the confirmation deposit. Please follow the link below to the College of Health and Human Services Confirmation Deposit site.