Related Courses

Undergraduate Courses Offered

CSD 315: Language Disorders in Children

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Nature, evaluation and treatment of language disorders in children. The goal of the course is to introduce students to the populations of children who experience language disorders including children with developmental language disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual disabilities. The course will examine tools and strategies used to assess language disorders as well as evidenced-based intervention strategies.

Graduate Courses

CSD 733: Intro to Augmenative and Alternative Communication

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is a course on the subject of augmentative and alternative communication. It will cover the basic components of AAC systems, assessment and intervention strategies, and operation, evaluation, and application of the technology associated with AAC. AAC assessment and intervention will be discussed in regards to the following populations: children and adults with development disabilities and individuals with acquired disabilities.

CSD 732: Speech and Language Assessment and Treatment for Special Populations

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Information on the speech and language disorders associated with children with “special needs” will be addressed. Target populations will include children with autism spectrum disorders, severe intellectual disabilities, genetic syndromes, multiple disabilities and children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Information on communication development, assessment and intervention for these populations of individuals will be provided.

CSD 784: Non-Thesis Project

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In-depth study in an area of communication sciences and disorders, culminating in a presentation of an extensive scholarly paper. Syllabi with specific expectations will be developed for each semester. SLP Emphasis: Students register for 1 credit hour per semester for a minimum of 3 semesters; may be repeated. DHH Emphasis: Students register for 3 credit hour in the first semester of enrollment and then 1 credit hour in the subsequent semester for a minimum total of 4 credit hours, may be repeated.