AAC Internet Resources Child-Based

Specific AAC websites

There are a ton of sites that are specific to AAC across the Internet. To discover, let alone name them all would be difficult. Here is a list comprised of popular AAC sites we have found useful across many students, staff, clients, family members, and caregivers at our clinic:

  1. PrAACtical AAC
  2. AACIntervention.com
  3. HelpKidzLearn

Internet sources for AAC devices

  1. EnableMart
  2. Albany.edu
  3. irespect.net
  4. Mayer-Johnson

Social network sites and AAC

AAC Internet sources can also consist of social network sites, blogs, and other educational resource sites. Just because an internet source is not specific to AAC does not mean it will not provide useful resources. Social Network Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are all very useful if you know specific pages, groups, accounts, boards, channels, and hashtags (#) to search for. Below we list out a few of the popular Facebook groups or pages, Instagram accounts or hashtags, Pinterest boards or pinners, and YouTube channels or subscribers to search for regarding AAC.


  • LAMP Words For Life Friends (Facebook Group via request to join)
  • The Center for AAC & Autism (Facebook Page)
  • aacorn (Facebook Page)


  • slptree (Instagram Account)
  • speechtimefun (Instagram Account)
  • beautifulspeechlife (Instagram Account)
  • praacticalaac (Instagram Account)
  • aacchicks (Instagram Account)
  • speech4africa (Instagram Account)
  • #aac (Instagram Hashtag)
  • #augcomm (Instagram Hashtag)




Additional resources

TeachersPayTeachers (TPT)

What is it?

TPT is an online community of educators who sell and share their resources for all to use. Resources are categorized by subject, age/grade level, skills targeted, cost, etc.

Users/Sellers to follow

1. PrAACtical AAC

2. The Pedi Speechie

3. The Dabbling Speechie

Early Intervention

What is it?