Springfield Campus Master Plan Chart

Under Way (0-2 Years)

Facilities Revitalization Plan (FREUP)

Siceluff, Pummill, Cheek, Hill, Kings Street, Morris Center, and Temple will be partially renovated to accommodate academic and administrative program requirements of relocating departments.

Meyer Library Renovation and Addition

Providing electronic document retrieval, remote document access, and collaborative work areas, the renovated Meyer Library will host a multitude of communications and research technologies. Several technology-supported classrooms, remote media distribution, and a multi-media production center will bring digitally enhanced learning to the entire campus. The present Meyer Library also will be fully renovated as part of this project.

Utility Distribution Repair System

This project will accomplish much-needed structural repairs and utility improvements to SMSU's 1.2 mile underground tunnel system, a vital link for distribution of electricity, water, steam, gas, and telecommunications to the campus-core buildings.

Wells House Renovation

Renovation of the current facility will provide suite-style housing accommodations. Amenities will include data access for individual students in each suite and microwave ovens and refrigerators in suite kitchenettes. The residence hall also will include study lounges, laundry facilities, and a fitness center.

Programmed (2-5 years)

Art and Design Building

Connecting the existing buildings within the arts core of campus, this facility will house the art and design departments, including painting, studios, foundry, and a plaza to display examples of student work. This structure also will enable other departments of the College of Arts and Letters to relocate internally and become more convenient and practical to students.

Carrington Renovation

Renovations in Carrington Hall will include new HVAC, new hot and cold piping, sprinkler system, electrical upgrades, window replacement, and security and fire protection.

Intermodal Transfer Facility

A multi-level parking structure will be located near Holland and Grand to provide commuter parking for students, faculty, staff, and visitors using the SMSU shuttle system. On weekends, this structure will afford proximate parking for special events at Plaster Sports Complex.

McDonald Arena Renovation

This facility will be renovated to comply with standards for an adequate learning environment and to create enhanced educational areas for health, physical education, and recreation programs. The building's structure and support systems will be rehabilitated for the first time since the 1940's.

Ozarks Public Health Institute

This new facility between Kemper Hall and Glass Hall will provide additional, much-needed classroom and laboratory space for the College of Natural and Applied Sciences. The complex will be linked to existing science and technology programs housed in Temple and Kemper Halls.

Rural Law Enforcement Training Center

This facility will house the Rural Law Enforcement Institute and the police substation/safety office for SMSU.

Science Complex Addition and Renovation

With the completion of the Ozarks Public Health Institute, space will be freed up in Temple Hall to allow renovation of currently inadequate space into additional classroom, research and office space. At the same time, Kemper Hall will be reconfigured to meet changing technology needs. Longer term science needs will be met by additions to Temple Hall and Kemper Hall and reconfiguration of the current support services building.

University College Renovation

This two-building complex will be incorporated into a single structure to house the administrative office of University College and offer space to provide responsive information and admission services to prospective students.

Planned (5-10 Years)

Arena/Convention Center

An expansion of Hammons Student Center, this facility will house an open arena for special university events. The center also will serve as a site for conventions, trade shows, and exhibits hosted on campus.

Child Care Center

This facility will house a licensed, accredited child care program, serving university students, faculty, and staff. The center will provide full and part-day care services throughout the year in accordance with national program guidelines.

Health College Expansion

A major addition to the north of the Professional Building will nearly double the available space in to the College of Health and Human Services, allowing for expanded educational program offerings in Biomedical Sciences, Nursing, Athletic Training/Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and potentially Occupational Therapy.

Science Lab Expansion

This space will convert the current maintenance facility into a modular laboratory to be used by the College of Natural and Applied Sciences.

Support Services Center

This facility, located near the north Park & Ride facility, will consolidate most campus support services, including custodial, design and construction, grounds, maintenance, postal services, printing, procurement services, receiving, vending and concessions, and work control. Traffic congestion in the central campus core will be reduced by the conversion of the support services current facilities to other university needs.

Proposed (10-25 Years)

Residence Hall Parking Structure

This parking structure, located to the north of Woods House, will provide 1,000 parking spaces for residence hall students. The structure will feature available, safe, and secure parking for students living in nearby residence halls. The top deck of the structure will be configured for recreation, including tennis, and basketball courts, when not used for parking.

Transit Maintenance Center

Housing many of the service functions of the university, this structure also will contain maintenance and repair bays for the motor pool vehicles, shuttle buses, and department vehicles, decreasing downtime of the university fleet.