Mountain Grove Campus Master Plan Chart

Fruit Processing Lab Addition

The proposed addition of 2,000 square feet will be a research facility for value added product innovation.

Horticulture Demonstration Area

The demonstration area west of Highway 95 displays fruit and other horticultural crops, with a proposed pavilion for workshops and education.

Classroom Building

The original director's residence, built in 1901, now houses classrooms, a student computer lab, offices, and a research laboratory.


The addition of a student research greenhouse and two shadehouses, adjacent to the existing facilities, will expand the research/study area available for fruit experimentation.

Faurot Hall Addition

Constructed in 1998, this addition contains classrooms, a student lounge, a graduate research and teaching laboratory, and offices.

Machinery Storage & Shop

This proposed facility of 5,184 square feet will provide sheltered, secure storage space for existing and future field research equipment and expanded shop area.

Shepard Hall

This facility, built in 1968, serves as the campus administration building, containing offices and laboratories. Renovation will provide additional laboratories and offices due to the relocation of the Paul Evans Library to Faurot Hall.

Faurot Hall

The cornerstone of the campus is the original administration building of the Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station. Completed in 1901, the structure now houses the Paul Evans Library, an ITV classroom, and the Mary Lou Sallee Conference Room.

Campus Housing

The addition of an apartment-style campus dormitory with the capacity of 10-20 people will provide housing for non-commuting students and visiting research personnel.

Ozarks Arboretum

The Ozarks Arboretum, established for the display and study of trees and plants will serve plant science students and the public. The proposed walking trail will open the area to public access.

Campus Landscape

The proposed development of the campus landscape includes improvements to campus safety, establishment of foundation plantings around key buildings, provisions for outdoor seating and gathering areas, and annual maintenance.

Parking & Circulation

A proposed parking lot south of Shepard Hall and east of the Classroom Building will provide spaces for shared use of the facilities. The present vehicle storage building, located just northeast of the Classroom Building (not pictured), will be relocated to the east side of campus creating a central service area while accommodating the parking lot. A second proposed parking lot west of Highway 95 will provide parking for staff and the public visiting the Horticulture Demonstration Area. The proposed relocated road will replace the primarily one-way road and create two-way access throughout the campus. The proposed addition of sidewalks will further enhance circulation and safety on campus.