Undergraduate Recruitment Committee

Reports to Student Affairs

Purpose: To assist with the development and implementation of the undergraduate recruitment effort.

Nechell Bonds, Director, Admissions, Chair
Jim Bellis, COAG
Mark Biggs, COAL
Gilbert Brown, COE
Peyton Davis, Student
Stacey Funderburk, Editorial and Design Services
Yvania Garcia-Pusateri, Multicultural Programs and Student Diversity
Tracey Glaessgen, First-Year Programs
Scott Handley, Honors College
Vickie Hicks, COB
Heather King, Scholarships
Hillary Mayes, CHHS
Christine Sudbrock, COAG
Julie Pana, COE
Qui (Michelle) Xiaomin, CNAS
Pam Sailors, CHPA

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