Student Success Committee

Reports to the Provost Office

Purpose: The Student Success Committee is a subcommittee of the Enrollment Management Committee. Committee members' charge was to review current MSU retention data and student success practices as well as to examine current literature and student success tools on the market and make recommendations on student success actions. Members serve two-year terms. A member can serve two consecutive terms.

KellyWood, Chair, Provost/Faculty
Emily Chisum, Student
Rachelle Darabi, Provost
Tracy Dalton, ENG, COAL
Keri Franklin, Assessment
Tracey Glaessgen, FY Programs
Nathan Hoff, Registrar
Thomas Kane, PSY, CHHS
Vicki Mattocks, Financial Aid
Theresa McCoy, Computer Services
Juan Meraz, Diversity and Inclusion
Joseph Morris, SOAR
Kathy Nordyke, CASL
Michelle Olsen, Institutional Reseearch
Cheyenne Silvercloud, Student
Don Simpson, Enrollment Management
Dee Siscoe, Student Affairs
Mark Woolsey, Assessment

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