Pre-Medical Committee

Reports to the Provost Office

Purpose: To provide information to students who are exploring careers in medicine, to coordinate academic advisement for pre-medical students, and to assist students who are applying for admission to medical schools.

Membership: Members serve three-year terms.

Amanda Brodeur, NUR, CHHS
Cooper, Cynthia, BMS, CHHS
Lisa Cox-Hall, SOC, CHPA
Richard Garrad, BMS, CHHS
Shyang Huang, PAMS, CNAS
Kyoungtae Kim, BIO, CNAS
Christopher Lupfer, BIO, CHHS
Matthew Siebert, CHM, CNAS
Ryan Udan, BIO, CNAS
Jianjie Wang, BMS, CHHS
Carly Yadon, PSY, CHHS
Scott Zimmerman, BMS, CHHS

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