Marketing and Communications Advisory Group

Reports to the President

Purpose: To better communicate and coordinate marketing efforts on behalf of Missouri State University.

Suzanne Shaw, VP for Marketing and Communications, Chair    
Melissa Burnett, Faculty Representative    
Wes Pratt, Chief Diversity Officer     
Rachelle Darabi, Associate Provost    
Lori Fan, Executive Director of Alumni Relations    
Kyle Moats, Director of Athletics    
Joye Norris, Assoc Provost for Access and Outreach    
Dee Siscoe, VP for Student Affairs   
Summer Reid, SGA Representative    
Shawn Wahl, Dean Representative    
Sara Clark, Director of Web and New Media, ex-officio    
Stacey Funderburk, Director of Publications, ex-officio   
Art Hains, University Marketing Specialist, ex-officio    
Andrea Mostyn, Director of University Communications, ex-officio   
Rick Kindhart, Director of Athletics Communication, ex-officio

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