Graduate Council


The primary purpose of the Graduate Council is to act upon graduate level curricular matters that are referred to it by academic departments/schools.


The Graduate Council is empowered, for courses numbered 600 or higher. The council shall recommend the approval of a curricular proposal, reject and return a proposal to the college council(s) that submitted it, or amend and recommend approval of the proposal. A proposal may be withdrawn from consideration without motion or vote by the originating units before final disposition by the council upon specific request to the council chair. All curricular proposals recommended for approval by the council, amended or not amended, shall be forwarded to the Secretary of the Faculty for disposition as described in ART VI . Other responsibilities include program planning, curricular control and policy-making for the Graduate College.


The Graduate Council shall consist of the Chair, one member of the graduate faculty of each department/school offering one or more graduate degree programs, or in the case of an interdisciplinary program, a representative from the sponsoring college, and a representative of the Graduate Student Council. The term of office for members of the Graduate Council is two years. A Graduate Council member may be elected for two consecutive terms, but following the second term shall not be eligible to serve until after the lapse of an intervening year. A person elected Chair of the Graduate Council during their second term as member may serve out their term as Chair. Upon completion of the term as Chair that person shall not be eligible to serve on the Graduate Council until after the lapse of an intervening year. Department Heads are not eligible for election except in the case where a department head is the only graduate faculty member in a department/school.

2017-2018 roster


  • Scott Zimmerman, CHHS


  • Master of Accountancy, George Schmelzle (2019)
  • Agriculture Plant Science, Michael Goerndt (2019)
  • Agriculture Plant Science, Will McClain (2019)
  • Art and Design, Sarah Williams (2018) (rplc Steve Willis)
  • Biology, Kyoungtae Kim, (2018)
  • Biomedical Sciences, Amy Hulme (2018) (rplc Scott Zimmerman)
  • Chemistry, Alan Schick (2018)
  • Communication, Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk (2019)
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders, Klaas Bakker (2018) (rplc Rose Allen)
  • Computer Information Systems, Rajeev Kaula, (2018)
  • Computer Science, Razib Iqbal, (2019)
  • Counseling, Leadership and Special Ed., Robert Paul Maddox (2018)
  • Criminology, Patti Salinas (2019)
  • Defense and Strategic Studies, none elected (2018)
  • English, Matt Calihman (2018)
  • Finance and General Business, Walt A. Nelson (2018)
  • Geography, Geology and Planning, Douglas Gouzie (2018)
  • History, Eric Nelson (2018)
  • Hospitality and Restaurant Administration, Albert Barreda (2018)
  • Kinesiology, Dan Wilson (2018)
  • Management (Health Administration), TBA (2019)
  • Marketing, Christina Simmers (2018)
  • Master of Business Administration, Lawrence Yang (2019)
  • MSAS, TBA (2019)
  • Master of Professional Studies, Melissa Dallas (2019)
  • Master of Science in Education, Sec. Ed., Gay Ragan (2018)
  • Mathematics, Vera Stanojevic (2019)
  • Media, Journalism and Film, TBA (2018)
  • Modern and Classical Languages, Lu Maimone (2019)
  • Music, John Prescott (2018)
  • Natural and Applied Science, TBA (2019)
  • Nursing, Melissa Penkalski (2019)
  • Occupational Therapy, Ashlea Cardin (2018)
  • Physical Therapy, Elizabeth Williamson (2018)
  • Physician Assistant Studies, Tracy Cleveland (2018)
  • Physics, Astronomy and Material Science, Mike Reed (2018) (rplc Kartik Ghosh)
  • Political Science, Dennis Hickey/Patrick Scott (2018)
  • Public Health, Kip Thompson, (2019)
  • Psychology, Michael Clayton (2019)
  • Reading, Foundations and Technology, David Goodwin (2018)
  • Religious Studies, John Llewellyn (2018)
  • Social Work, Susan Dollar, (2018)
  • Sociology, Anthropology, F. Scott Worman (2018)
  • Technology and Construction Management, Nebil Buyurgan (2019)
  • Sports Medicine andAthletic Training, David Carr (2018)

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