Faculty Senate

Purpose: Actions, as perfected and passed by the Faculty Senate, represent the collective reasoning of the Faculty through its governance process as to policies and procedures to be followed by the University and are communicated to the University Administration for approval and implementation.

Resolutions passed by the Faculty Senate state the collective reasoning of the Faculty Senate on specific issues and shall be forwarded for information to the appropriate Administrators.

Membership: There are two classes of membership in the Faculty Senate: voting members (designated as senators) and non-voting members (designated as delegates). The voting membership of the Faculty Senate shall consist of the following senators: the Chair of the Senate; the Chair-Elect of the Senate; the Secretary of the Faculty; representatives of academic departments, one senator from each academic department; one representative from the instructors; one from clinical faculty; and representatives of the ranked faculty, one senator from each rank: (a) assistant professor, (b) associate professor, (c) full or distinguished professor.  Eligible department representatives include all ranked faculty, as well as those instructors and clinical faculty who have served no less than two consecutive academic years at Missouri State University by the September session of their term. Ranked faculty refers to tenure-track/tenured Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor or Distinguished Professor. Those who hold administrative appointments at or above head level of academic department are not eligible to serve as senators. Exception to this rule: if an academic department/school has three or fewer eligible representatives, then the head may serve as senator.

2017-2018 Roster


Chair: Cynthia MacGregor, 2018
Chair-elect: Tom Dicke, 2018
Secretary: Beth Hurst, 2018


Mike Hudson, 2018

Rank and Lecture Senators

Char Berquist (Professor), 2018
Daniel Hellman (Associate Professor), 2019
Taryne Mingo (Assistant Professor), 2018 (rplc Tonia Tinsley)
Nate Quinn (Instructor), 2018
Sarah Barber (Clinical Faculty), 2018

Non-Voting Delegates:

Josh Maurer, (SGA rep), 2018
TBA (GSS rep), 2018
Jon Lee (Staff Delegate), 2018
Beth Walker (CGEIP Chair), 2018
Andrew Homburg (EPPC Chair), 2018
Rebecca Swearingen (B&P Chair), 2018
Walt Nelson (FCC Chair), 2018
Scott Zimmerman (Grad Council Chair), 2018
John Heywood (Rules Chair), 2018

Arts & Letters

AR, Catherine Jolivette, 2018
CM, John Bourhis, 2018
EN, Ken Gillam, 2019
FL, Joseph Hughes, 2019
MJ, Mark Paxton, 2019
MU, Paula Patterson, 2018
TD, Melanie Dreyer-Lude, 2018


AC, Michael Hammond, 2018 (rplc James Lampe)
FG, James Philpot, 2019
FI, Jenifer Roberts, 2019
IM, Martin Jones, 2019
MG, Glenn Pace, 2019
MK, Alex Hamwi, 2018


CL, Jef Cornelius-White, 2018
EF, Jim Meyer, 2019
GL, Tim Pfeil, 2018
RF, Kayla Lewis, 2019

Health & Human Services

BS, Josh Smith, 2018
CD, Alana Kozlowski, 2019
HR, Melinda Novik, 2018
NR, Louise Bigley, 2018 (rplc Faye Felicilda)
OT, Tara Boehne, 2018
PN, Sharon Giboney, 2018
PT, Jason Shaw, 2018
PY, Jack Rosenkoetter, 2019
SM, Allan Liggett, 2019
SW, Darryl Haslam, 2019

Humanities & Public Affairs

CR, Patrick Gartin, 2019
DS, None, 2019
EC, Subhasree Basu Roy, 2019 (rplc Mahua Mitra)
HI, Jamaine Abidogun, 2018 (rplc Angela Hornsby-Gutting)
MS, None, 2018
PH, Daniel Kaufman, 2019
PS, Indira Palacios-Valladares, 2018
RE, Mark Given, 2018
SO, Liz Sobel, 2019

Natural & Applied Sciences

BI, John Heywood, 2019
CH, Mark Richter, 2018
CS, Yang Wang, 2018
GG, Xiaomin Qiu, 2018
MA, Cameron Wickham, 2019
PA, Ridwan Sakidja, 2019
HL, Dan Crafts, 2019

Darr College of Agriculture

PS, Will McClain, 2018
AS, Phillip Lancaster, 2019
AB, Katelyn McCoy, 2019


LI, Tracy Stout, 2019

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