Academic Exceptions Committee

Reports to the Provost Office

Purpose: Charged with considering student petitions regarding; 1) Appeal of grade received by the student as a result of the University policy (e.g., an F resulting from failure to remove an Incomplete grade in the time allowed or failure to officially drop a course) rather than a faculty member’s evaluation of performance in a course; 2) Appeal for changes in a student’s academic record that are not made within one semester (excluding summer) of receipt of grades. Those appeals with documented exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis and recommendation made to the Provost; 3) Appeal of existing undergraduate graduation requirements as specified in the General Baccalaureate Degree Policies and Requirements section of the undergraduate catalog.


William “Paul” Deal, PSY, CHHS, Chair
Paul Ashcroft, ACC, COB
Subhasree Basu Roy, ECO, CHPA
Rajinder Jutla, GGP, CNAS
Pedro Koo, MCL, COAL
Julia Novakowski, RFT, COE

Degree's Committee

Susan Crain, FGB, COB, Chair
Gary Meints, CHM, CNAS
Joe Turner, CLSE, COE
Christopher Kelts, MUS, COAL
Ann Rost, PSY, CHHS
Pam Sailors, CHPA

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