Environmental Management Policy Panel

Reports to Administrative Services

Purpose: To review and assist the Environmental Management Department in developing, recommending, and approving safety and environmental policies, guidelines, procedures, and management systems. To serve as an umbrella organization for other environmental and health-related committees on all campuses to ensure the University’s compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and best practices to safeguard community citizens and to protect the environment. The Panel will meet at least annually to review the University Environmental Management Policy and to propose changes for approval by the Board of Governors. The Panel will also review applicable laws and regulatory guidance to ascertain University compliance.

David Vaughn, Director, Environmental Management, Chair
Jeff Brown, Environmental Management
Adam Coffman, SGA President
Ron DeVeccio, Department Head, AGR
Racheal Dockery, General Counsel
Janice Duncan, Director, GRWD
Gloria Galanes, Dean, COAL
Jonathan Hardin, Lab & Stores Supervisor, CHM
Katie Frederick-Hudson, MicroBio Lab Coordinator, BIO, CNAS
Tamera Jahnke, Dean, CNAS
Brad Kielhofner, Director, Facilities Management
Allen Kunkel, Director, JVIC
Robert Mayanovic, PAMS, CNAS
Matt Morris, Administrative & Information Services
David Muegge, Director, Taylor Health
Erin Parrish, Director, Research Compliance
Robert Pavlowsky, GGP, CNAS
Helen Reid, Dean, CHHS
Scott Schneider, Director, Business & Support Services, WP
Gary Stewart, Director, Residence Life & Services
Mike Wills, Director, Procurement

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