Environmental Focus Committee

Reports to the Provost

Purpose: Recommend curricular and programmatic changes related to environmental sciences/studies and sustainability to college councils and CGEIP primarily through a new minor (or minors). With a new minor (or minors), options include major revision or deletion of the current environmental science and policy minor – especially if the new minor meets the needs of more students. MSU is committed to meeting the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STARS) scorecard. Committee should be aware of the requirements through the AASHE STARS scorecard of the educational areas such that new curricula would meet goals I the long range plan to earn at least a silver rating in three years.

Lora Vess, SOC, CHPA, Chair
Roberta Aram, CEFS, COE
Terrel Gallaway, ECO, CHPA
Stacy Joyce, THE, COAL
Day Ligon, BIO, CNAS
Judith Martin, MCL, COAL
Judy Meyer, GGP, CNAS
Marciann Patton, FID, COB
Diann Thomas, CHM, CNAS
Chuck Rovey, GGP, CNAS
Alexander Wait, BIO, CNAS
Tamera Jahnke, Dean, CNAS, ex officio

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