Commencement Committee

Reports to the President

Purpose: To coordinate and supervise all activities associates with commencement.

Debbie Letterman, Assistant Director of Event and Meeting Services
Keith Boaz, Senior Assoc. Director, Athletics and Entertainment, Hammons Student Centr
Choompoonoot (Moon) Knight, Coodinator, Registrar
Julie Combs, Department Head MUS, COAL
Rachelle Darabi, Associate Provost Student Development and Public Affairs
Randy Dillon, Professor, COM
Scott Embretson, Customer Service Mgr, Bookstore
Ashley Foley, Student, Braille Bears and Advocates for Disability
Karen Foster, Administrative Assistant IV, Plaster Student Union Admin
Cidney Grimes, Student, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, SGA
David Hall, Manager, Manager, Emergency Preparedness, Safety and Transportation
Rebecca Harbaugh, Associate Registrar
Thomas Lane, Assocate VP for Student Life, Dean of Students
Justin Lozano, Director of Disability Resource Center
Katelyn McCoy, Instructor, AGR
Thomas Tomasi, Professor, BIO

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