Academic Personnel Review Commission

Reports to the Provost Office

Purpose: To serve as a neutral party in facilitating the informal resolution of University-related grievances filed by or against the faculty member (see Faculty Handbook, Section 12.2.1). The APRC also has authority to grant time extensions and to decide whether procedures guaranteed by the Faculty Handbook or other University documents have been violated.

Membership: The APRC shall be composed of three commissioners, a minimum of two of whom must agree on any decisions. One commissioner shall be appointed by the Provost and shall be a tenured faculty member currently serving as an academic administrator. One commissioner shall be selected by the Faculty Senate Judicial Review Committee and shall be a tenured, ranked faculty member. The third commissioner shall be a tenured faculty member appointed by joint agreement of the Provost and the Faculty Senate Judicial Review Committee. (Commissioners serve three-year staggered terms.)

Stephanie Hein, HSP, CNAS, Academic Administrative appointment
Christopher Herr, THE, COAL, Faculty Senate appointment
John Harms, SOC, CHPA, Joint Faculty Senate/Provost appointment

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