Foundation Awards Committee

Reports to the Provost Office

Purpose: Review applications and select recipients for Foundation Awards in Teaching, Research and Service and make recommendations for changes in selection criteria.

Membership: Only ranked faculty with tenure who have a minimum of three years of service at Missouri State University are eligible for this committee. Each member will serve a term of two years with half of the committee membership staggering their term of service so that half of the committee will rotate off each year. Members may be elected to serve two consecutive terms, however cannot serve a third term without stepping off the committee for a rotation. Department Heads and College Deans are not eligible for membership on this committee. (Exception: If a department head is the only ranked faculty member in a department, then she/he is eligible for election.)

James Hutter, COAG    
Linda Garrison-Kane, CLSE, COE
Paul Durham, BIO, CNAS
Les Heitger, ACC, COB
Michael A. Murray, MUS, COAL
David Romano, PLS, CHPA
Carol Shoptaugh, PSY, CHHS

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