September 26, 2013

CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

September 26, 2013

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, Aida Hass (for Patti Salinas), Dan Kaufman, George Connor, Kathleen Kennedy, Bill Wedenoja


Sept 26 Majors Fair, PSU Ballroom, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Sept 26 The Workshop for Critical Inquiry--Speaker Series presents Dr. Julian Bourg, Department of History, Boston College, who will speak on “In the Name of the People: The Story of Terror in the Democratic Age,” at 4:00 pm in Strong 004.

Sept 26 The Political Science Department presents Dr. Philip Brenner, School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC, who will speak on “The Cuban Dilemma: Raul Castro's Reforms and U.S. Policy.” The event is at 6-7:30 pm in LIB 101.

Sept 27 Deadline for Faculty to submit proposal for 2013 Fall Faculty Research Grants

Sept 30 Faculty submit Tenure and/or Promotion dossier to Department Heads and External Reviews due to Department Heads for inclusion in the dossier.

Oct 1 Department Heads submit Promotion dossiers to Department Committee

Oct 3 CHPA Research Forum presents Dr. Martha Finch, Religious Studies, who will speak on the topic “Outward Adornment: Addressing Antebellum Protestants,” on Friday, October 3rd at 3:30-5:00 pm in Strong 203.

Oct 3 Religious Studies Department presents Dr. Leslie Dorrough Smith (Avila University), who will speak on the topic, “Righteous Rhetoric: Sex, Speech, and the New Christian Right,” at 7:00 pm in LIB 101.

Discussion Items:

  1. Proposed changes in Foreign Language requirements for BA degree – Kennedy raised a concern that the change in the BA degree from 12 hours of foreign language (6 hours from two languages possible) to 12 hours in a single foreign language may impact her History BA majors. She will contact MCL Head and report back.
  2. Promotion and Tenure dossiers – Heads were reminded of the deadlines for dealing with these dossiers and each was asked to submit a copy of the matrix to the Dean.
  3. Summer and Fall 2014 course schedules – it is now time to work with faculty to determine who wishes to teach in the regular summer session and the intersessions periods. An announcement has been sent out to faculty by email with the intersession application form. The first draft of the fall 2014 course schedule is due to the Dean on November 1st.
  4. CHPA Student Research Forum – the Heads were asked to encourage their faculty and their majors to participate in this opportunity to showcase undergraduate research.
  5. Hiring Update – including per course –Each Head reported on the progress of their hiring and all looks well to having most candidates come for interview before the end of the fall 2013 semester.
  6. Global Studies – Madeleine Hooper in COAL has asked for discussions on the future management of this interdisciplinary program. She will meet with affected Heads in CHPA in the near future.