October 13, 2011

CHPA Department Heads Meeting

October 13, 2011

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Craig Hemmens, Kathleen Kennedy, Jack Llewellyn, Bill Wedenoja, Troy Wisdom

Dates to Remember:

October 18 -- As part of LGBT Month activities, Dr. Holly Baggett (HST) will discuss “LGBT Springfield 1945-2010” at a brown bag lunch at noon in PSU 317.

October 20 --As part of LGBT Month Activities, Dr. Kathleen Kennedy (HST) will discuss "Queering the Warrior Queen: Xena, Buffy and the Homophobic Dilemmas of Popular Culture" at noon on PSU 317.

October 20 -- Philosophy Workshop featuring Dr. Samuel Moyn of Columbia University History Department, who will speak on the topic of "The Politics of Individual Rights: Claude Lefort vs. Marcel Gauchet" at 4:00 pm in LIB 100.

October 21 -- Department Tenure and Promotion Committees submit recommendations (with rationale) to Department Heads. Faculty applicants receive Committees’ reports and have three business days to review, respond, sign and return to Department (Oct. 24-26, 2011)

November 1 – Deadline for submission of Sabbatical proposals to Dean’s office

November 4 -- Deadline for submission of Summer Faculty Fellowships to Graduate office

Items for Discussion:

Dual Credit efforts - one facet of our enrollment efforts in future semesters will be to strengthen our ties with dual credit instructors and provide additional oversight with their courses.

AAA on Policy Issues (travel, P-card, Fiscal Responsibility) – October 17th

Enrollment targets due – Mid-November

Long Range Plan status check – November 7 - Heads are to submit items tied to specific goals in the long-range plan that indicate progress toward meeting these goals

OTC meeting (their place) – November 21st

Hiring update including a report on the associate provost search from Jack Llewellyn

Summer and Fall 2012 schedule process is underway and all Heads are to submit their draft schedules by November 7