November 1, 2012

CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

November 1, 2012

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Craig Hemmens, Kathleen Kennedy, Bill Wedenoja, Troy Wisdom

Dates to Remember:

Nov 1 Sabbatical Applications are due in the Dean’s Office

Nov 1 Soc/Ant Department Presents: a student panel, “Personal Encounters with Islam and Politics in the Middle East: First-hand Experiences of MSU Students,” 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, in Glass 101.

Nov 3-4 8th Native American Heritage Month Powwow

Nov 9 Dept Heads submit tenure/promotion recommendations to applicants

Nov 14 Dept Heads submit tenure/promotion dossiers to Dean

Nov 16 Political Science and the Strong Chair for Middle Eastern Studies Presents: Mehmet Gurses from Florida Atlantic University, speaking on "Who's Winning the Conflict in Syria.” The presentation will be at 5:00 pm in Glass 102.

Nov 17 CHPA Research Forum Presents: Jamie Pamela Rasmussen (CRM), speaking on “The Missouri State Penitentiary: 170 Years Inside the Walls” at 12:30 in STRO 350.


9:30 Terrel Gallaway, candidate for Interim ECO Head, was interviewed by the Heads.

10:30 Dan Kaufman, candidate for Director of PHI, was interviewed by the Heads

Discussion Items:

Fall and summer 2013 course schedule: with registration now proceeding there was a brief discussion of adjustments that might be made and it was noted the On-Line courses were showing particular strength early in the process.

Update on hiring process: the date of first consideration had been reached for the two SOC positions and the ANT position. The committees should have their lists cut down shortly. The HST and ECO positions have now attracted a fairly large pool and the committees should be working on analysis of the candidates within a week.