May 28, 2009

CHPA Department Heads Meeting

May 28, 2009

Present: Victor Matthews, Jack Llewellyn, Karl Kunkel, Ardeshir Dalal, Kirby Hanson, Tom Dicke, George Connor.

Dates to Remember:

  • June 19 – all FY09 requisitions must be electronically entered and show electronic departmental approval in Banner by end of the day
  • June 25 – FY09 requisitions for goods and services that require bidding must be submitted to Procurement Services in order for the funds to be encumbered in FY09
  • July 29 – CHPA Dept Heads Retreat – Library Station

*Sponsored Research requires two days lead time for submission of grant proposals

Items Discussed:

The Provost requested that departments consider ways in which their faculty could participate in a Virtual Study Away program. The idea is to simulcast MSU courses to foreign countries using ITV technology. Several possibilities were discussed including the current efforts to establish a link with the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia.

Summer School 2010 – Department Heads were asked to confirm a list of CHPA General Education courses that will be offered each summer for the next three years. The idea is to advertise, starting in August 2009, so students can do a better job of planning their degree programs, including summer classes.

3-Year Graduation Schedules – The possibility of providing students with the option of completing their major in three years was discussed. While several of the departments felt they could do this, concerns were raised that (1) there would be very few students who would elect this option, and (2) upper division course requirements offered in the summer would often be poorly enrolled

Advisement in the College – The Colleges have been asked to consider the advisability of hiring a professional advisor to assist with advisement, student success efforts, and SOAR. The conversation at this point centered on local needs in the programs with the largest majors rather than a single individual who would be expected to work with majors from every department. Further discussion will take place on this concept.

Dean’s Advisory Committee – The Dean is forming a new advisory committee made up of community leaders. Department Heads have been asked to provide suggestions of persons who should be invited to participate in the work of this committee.

Summer Workshop on Public Affairs Mission

This workshop provides an opportunity for faculty to share ideas based on the 2009-10 public affairs theme as they plan teaching and learning strategies for the upcoming academic year. The workshop is open to all faculty. Interested persons should register by June 19.