May 20, 2010

Department Head Meeting

May 20, 2010

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Tom Dicke, Ardeshir Dalal, Karl Kunkel, Jack Llewellyn, Kirby Hanson

Dates to Remember:

June 4 Workshop on Public Affairs Conference Theme - PSU 313; 8:30-12:00

June 14 AAA – Discussion of Academic Priorities draft report

Discussion Items:

  1. Report of the Academic Priorities Work Group - discussion centered on a preliminary report by the Academic Work Group of the Long-Range Planning committee. The report can be found here.The Heads were asked to share this report with their faculty in anticipation of the AAA meeting on June 14 that is open to all faculty.
    They were also encouraged to submit comments on the report to the Provost.
  2. Changes in the Assessment Office -- It has been announced that the Assessment officer will be moved into FCTL. Each Head was asked to have a departmental committee reexamine their current assessment
    plan and make any necessary revisions early in the fall 2010 semester. They were also asked to read this article in the latest issue of Peer Review.