March 8, 2012

CHPA Department Heads Meeting

March 8, 2012

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Craig Hemmens, Kathleen Kennedy, Jack Llewellyn, Bill Wedenoja

Dates to Remember:

March 12 AAA

March 13 James Broucek (REL), “The Just War Tradition in Islam” in LIB 101 at 7:00 pm

March 15 Tenure & Promotion Revisions due from DSS, REL, and PHI

March 16 Equity Requests due to Dean’s office

March 30 Board of Governors Meeting

Apr 12-13 CHPA 2012 Student Research Forum

Women’s History Month Calendar

Media Coverage

Discussion Items:

  1. Presidential Search – an email will be sent out the CHPA faculty soliciting nominations for faculty membership on the search committee and they will then be allowed to vote on line for the top three choices to submit to the search committee chair by March 26th.
  2. Remunerated Outside Income forms are to be fill out by all faculty and turned in by May 11th to their Department Head
  3. Budget update: to deal with the college’s budget cut one unfilled faculty line will be cut and the on-going budgeted funds from two Instructor lines will be cut. The Instructor positions will be funded in the future with one-time salary savings.
  4. Severe Weather Exercise – Tuesday, March 13th at 1:30 pm – Heads will assist the Dean to monitor the drill and insure compliance with the rules of the drill.
  5. IDEA Surveys – due Sunday, March 11th – it is important that as many faculty as possible fill on these assessment surveys on the Dean and the Heads
  6. Faculty Development Efforts – the Heads are asked to submit items to the Dean
  7. Public Scorecard revision – identity 20 items in the new Long Range Plan
  8. Program Review – action plans and progress reports – Heads are reminded to submit these reports and action plans by the end of the spring semester
  9. BOG retreat results:
    a. Continue moderate enrollment growth
    b. Differential tuition (i.e., COBA fee) will be considered once criteria for success are established
    c. Marketing efforts will include the hiring of a marketing firm
  10. Honors College reevaluation – concern is for eligible students who have taken most or many of their General Ed hours through Dual Credit
  11. Hiring update: the SOC/ANT Head search failed and will be resumed in the fall and several Instructor searches are now underway