July 6, 2017

CHPA Heads’ Meeting - July 6, 2017

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Ken Brown, George Connor, Elizabeth Foreman, Brett Garland, Kathleen Kennedy, Jack Llewellyn (for Steve Berkwitz), David Rohall

Discussion Items:

1. Update on and use of Structured Schedules (see http://www.missouristate.edu/chpa/39134.htm) – the Dean reported on a meeting with John Catau and the determination that rather than pursue structured schedules in CHPA each of the Departments will update their on-line four-year course schedules.

2. Changes in financial management: with the elimination of the Budget Officer position in the college, this role will be performed by Laurie Wilson, the Dean’s Executive Assistant.  Note that travel funds for the coming academic year will be $1200 per full-time faculty member. However, the previous practice of pooling unspent funds to provide additional funding for a second meeting is no longer allowed.

3. Update on fall 2017 course enrollment: After six SOAR sessions, the college is on schedule to meet or exceed SCH figures for fall 2016.  Some attention does need to be made to encourage graduate students to register.

4. Department Head Manual update by Chris Craig (see https://www.missouristate.edu/assets/policy/Op3_11_-_Academic_Department_Heads_and_School_Directors_Manual.pdf) – Heads are encouraged to send him any suggested changes with a cc to the Dean.

5.  Second-block courses in spring 2018 vs. intersessions – with the encouragement of the Provost, CHPA has been adding more second-block courses each semester. The suggestion now is to offer courses that have previously been taught during intersession periods in the second block.

6. Restructuring summer 2018 courses using all 12 weeks of summer semester (note 51% of summer school enrollees are seniors) – As Heads plan summer 2018 schedules, they are asked to work with faculty to develop courses that will fit into the full 12 week session (dividing into three 4-week, two 5-week, two six week courses, etc.)

7. University Action Plan for 2017-2018 was discussed and Heads were asked to provide feedback not only on the university plan, but those aspects of the plan that could be supported by initiatives in the college.

Dates: (updated calendar of events: http://www.missouristate.edu/chpa/calendar.htm)

July 12 – Dean out with minor eye surgery

July 18 – ALC retreat, Darr Ag Center

July 20 – Emeriti Dinner, 5:30, PSU Ballroom

August 3 – Board of Governors’ Retreat, Shealy Farm

August 4 – Summer Commencement, 10:00 am

August 11 – Orientation for new Administrators

August 14 – First day for Faculty and GA’s

August 15 – New Faculty Orientation

August 16 – Showcase on Teaching and Learning

August 17 – All Faculty Luncheon, PSU Ballroom, 11:30 am

August 18 – CHPA Family Picnic, Phelps Grove Pavilion, 5:30-7:00 pm

August 22 – CHPA All-College Meeting, 3:30 pm in STRO 004