July 11, 2013

CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2013

Dates and Events:

July 24 ALC Retreat (Provost & Deans)

August 2 Summer Commencement

August 8 CHPA Heads’ Retreat -- Library Station (N. Kansas Expressway) 9:00 to 2:00

August 14 28th Showcase on Teaching & Learning, PSU Ballroom & 3rd Floor rooms, 8:00-1:00

August 16 CHPA Family Picnic – Phelps Grove Pavilion, 5:30 to 7:00 pm

August 18 New Student Convocation, JQH Arena, 2:00 pm

August 19 Fall 2013 Classes Begin

August 22 CHPA All-College Meeting, STRO 004, 3:30 pm

Items for Discussion:

Crowder College: several health care related programs have made agreements to either teach on the Neosho campus (Social Work) or provide on-line completion programs.

Budget Issues: the Governor’s veto of the income tax bill has resulted in an at least temporarily withholding of millions of dollars in new funding for education. We now await the result of the veto session in September to determine if we will have to curtail spending in the coming year.

Enrollment Update: With five SOAR sessions remaining this summer, our current GE enrollments stand at 75.5% of first day enrollments in fall 2012. Over college SCH is at 80% of fall 2012. Heads were encouraged to pay particular attention to aiding transfer students in finding courses in their majors.

Promotion/Tenure Matrices: Heads were reminded that each department will need to create a matrix that will be included in the promotion/tenure portfolios of their applying faculty. The Dean will send an example by email.

University Goals for 2013-2014 (preliminary): There was a general discussion of university and college goals in the coming year. A final list will be distributed when released by Administrative Council later this summer.

Digital Measures: Heads were asked to solicit a Word-version of the vita from each of their newly hired faculty and have them sent to Pam Sailors. She will have new accounts created and a grad student will input this data. A training session will be organized to assist faculty.

ITV to West Plains: West Plains is hoping to get more MSU courses transmitted to their campus. CRM is most likely to have courses that they would want to help complete the BS degree.

Professor Salary Incentive Update: The Dean and Mark Rushefsky updated the Heads on deliberations by the select committee. A draft document and application form are now in process and will be submitted to the Deans at the ALC retreat on July 24th.