Minutes for July 7, 2011

CHPA Department Heads Meeting

July 7, 2011

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Craig Hemmons, Kathleen Kennedy, Jack Llewellyn

Dates to Remember:

July 12 Faculty Senate meeting, 3:00, PSU 313

August 18 All Faculty Luncheon, 11:30-1:00, PSU Ballroom

August 25 CHPA All College Meeting – 3:30 to 5:00 pm

August 26 CHPA Faculty and Staff Picnic – Strong Hall Atrium – 5:00 to 8:00 pm

Discussion Items:

Changes in the Provost’s Office: The appointment of Frank Einhelig as Interim Provost will require some adjustments as Frank gets used to the job and to a smaller staff in his office. He is committed to strengthening both
undergraduate and graduate education and has an open style of management. He is currently working on a set of goals for the coming academic year that will be presented to the BOG at their retreat.

SLO and Assessment Initiative: This initiative will continue as well the meetings this summer and fall of a college Assessment Council. Work currently being done by members of this group involves gathering information on assessment
programs in their discipline that may be instructive as we look to revise or strengthen our current ones in preparation for an HLC site visit in four years.

New Faculty Orientation and Mentoring – Julie Masterson, Provost Fellow for Faculty Development will be coordinating this program for new hires. The Heads were asked to provide suggestions on what is essential for the new hire.

Travel Policy Changes: A University committee has been working on a draft designed to update and revise the current travel policy. That draft was given to the Deans and shared with Dept Heads for their input. All comments are to be
sent to Victor Matthews prior to July 13th and he will compile them and send them on to the Provost.

Digital Professor Academy: This training program developed by FCTL is asking interested faculty to sign up for sessions beginning this fall. All faculty who are interested in developing blended or on-line classes should participate in this
training program.

Use of Foster’s Springfield Cardinals box – The Heads were asked to invite alumni, donors, and friends of the college for games on July 20th and August 1st

SOAR and fall 2011 enrollments – With six regular SOAR sessions to go the Dean shared current enrollment data and asked the Heads to reexamine their total enrollment to see if any changes need to be made in the schedule to accommodate registering students.