July 10, 2008

Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2008 – 9:30 a.m.

In attendance: George Connor (PLS), Ardeshir Dalal (ECON), Tom Dicke (HST), Karl Kunkel (SOC/ANT/CRM), Brendan McKiernan (MLS), Pam Sailors (PHIL), John Schmalzbauer (REL), Victor Matthews and Lorene Stone.


  • Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates

July 23-24 CHPA Department Heads’ Retreat at Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson, MO. Note: Maps will be sent and room assignments have been made.It will begin on July 23rd after lunch at 1:00 p.m.The 24th will be a full day until 4:00 p.m. Agenda will be distributed next week.

August 1 Summer Commencement:Dean Stone encouraged Department Heads and faculty members to attend if possible.

  • Dean Stone reminded the Department Heads that she needs a report on the progress of integrating public affairs into the curriculum by August 1st.It needs to be an examination of what is currently being done right now.The full report is due October 1st.This will be a part of the university’s major marketing effort and will distinguish MSU from other schools.
  • Dean Stone distributed the Provost’s Office Organizational Chart, along with a detailed list of position descriptions.
  • Department Heads were alerted that centralized scheduling will be implemented in the Fall 2010.A task force is being put together, and Dean Stone would like Dr. Matthews to be involved in this.Due to more classes being held downtown, the time between classes will be lengthened.Policy changes on how much time between classes will determine class schedule building.
  • The Provost has announced that approximately $250,000 will be available in Futures Proposals.The focus will be on water projects and Ozarks studies projects.Dean Stone will also continue to provide incentive monies at the College level for CHPA faculty.Look for more information to follow regarding both of these opportunities.
  • Dr. Matthews distributed a handout about the Digital Measures system that is being implemented.All CHPA faculty vitae information is being put in by a Graduate Student.Once this information is in the system it will be easy to draw reports on the data.He offered to attend departmental meetings and to teach the faculty how to use this easy system.Faculty will need to keep it updated as this relates to the university’s merit pay system.
  • Dean Stone announced that the promotion to Senior Instructor would provide a $2,500 salary increase.This is for an instructor who has been regularized for five(+) years of (consecutive) service, and has shown outstanding service overall.


  • Department Heads reported that feedback from faculty regarding the distributed salary letters has been minimal.The overall process for next year is still being discussed at the Administrative level.
  • Dean Stone asked for updates on the Tenure and Promotion External Reviewers.CHPA Department Heads have, for the most part, contacted the external reviewers.A small amount of discussion ensued over how much material should be sent to the reviewers.
  • Department Head salaries were discussed.Faculty and Administrator salaries are low; Dean Stone is attempting to increase salaries as Department Heads are reappointed
  • Tom Dicke will be preparing a report from the Teaching Enhancement and Evaluation conference he attended in June, 2008.He will be presenting how to incorporate these evaluation tools into the compensation plan.
  • Dean Stone gave the Department Heads general information about their 2008-09 Operations Budgets.She reminded them that there will be no transfers from Continuing Education.They should review and familiarize themselves with their accounts.Each faculty member will equally get $1,200 in travel money from their departments.Each department has their own policy on the specific uses for travel money.