January 24, 2013

CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

January 24, 2013

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Craig Hemmens, Kathleen Kennedy, Bill Wedenoja, Troy Wisdom

Dates and Deadlines:

Jan 25 History Presents: Hilda Smith (U. of Cincinnati), “Skilled Women in Early Modern Art,” 3:00 pm in STRO 003

Jan 26 Presidential Scholarship Interviews, PSU 3rd floor (all day)

Jan 31 ADP’s due to HR

Feb 7 Missouri State Workshop for Critical Inquiry in the Humanities and Social Sciences Colloquium Series, Gil Anidjar, Associate Professor in MESAAS and in the Department of Religion at Columbia University, will give a talk titled “So, What is Religion?” at 4:00 pm in LIB 101

Feb 9 Multicultural Leadership Scholarship Interviews, PSU, 12:45-4:00 pm

Feb 11 Faculty Evaluation Dossiers due to Dept Heads

Feb 11 MSU at OTC Day, Information Commons, 9:45-1:00

Feb 15 Excellence in Public Affairs Awards Nominations due

Feb 20 CHPA Research Forum: Marlin Barber (HST), “Black Missourians & the Law – 1820 to 1865,” 12:45-1:45, STRO 450

Discussion Items:

  1. Departmental Assessment Plans – Heads reported on the implementation of the assessment plan developed during the past academic year and they were reminded that results from their assessment efforts need to be included in their annual reports
  2. Summer and Intersession Courses: no additions or corrections were presented
  3. Hiring process/Hiring plan: current hiring is progressing with one hire in SOC completed and candidates for other positions in the college coming for interviews over the next month
    -FY15 hires planned: Heads in SOC/ANT and ECO – both at Professor rank; MPA Director (PLS) – at Assoc Prof rank; Asst. Prof CRM; Asst. Prof PLS
  4. GE course proposals: REL had three courses approved (100, 101, 102); PLS 101 was sent back for revision; course proposals have also been submitted for HST 103, 121, 122 and REL 131
  5. Recruitment opportunities in spring 2013: Pam Sailors outlined coming events and discussed preparations for participants
  6. Evaluation of faculty: all Heads report that their departments have voted to leave the Heads to evaluate tenured faculty instead of using a faculty committee