January 23, 2014

CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2014

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Kathleen Kennedy, Patti Salinas, Bill Wedenoja, Troy Wisdom

Discussion Items

1. Advisement Issues: Pam Sailors asked that all faculty advisors to remind students of their academic status when conducting advisement sessions. If they are already on Probation, they should be advised to consider retaking courses with D or F grades, and no advisor should sign permission to enroll without evaluating the proposed schedule or the student’s academic standing.

2. Coordination with Development office: Wendy Ferguson has requested an opportunity for her Development Officers to meet with CHPA Heads. Heads are asked to let the Dean know when in March they would be able to meet with them.

3. Hiring Process: Five faculty hires have now been completed. Candidates are coming in over the next two weeks for the Head positions and the Heads are asked to meet and speak with each candidate and send their evaluation of the candidates to the Dean.

4. Fall 2014 schedule: Assuming that the newly hired faculty will have an impact on the fall 2014 schedule, Heads are asked to report any schedule changes to the Dean as soon as possible. They are also asked to evaluate enrollment history for upper division courses and not put poorly enrolled classes into the fall and spring schedules in the coming year.

5. Annual Review of Faculty: Heads are reminded that all faculty members are to be evaluated annually. The deadline for submission of annual review materials and the updating of their Digital Measures file is February 10, 2014. The deadline for completion by Department Heads of individual evaluation interviews with faculty is April 4, 2014. See the Evaluation Calendar.

6. LMS: Heads are asked to poll their faculty on new features that they would like to recommend for Black Board and any concerns that they might have if the university choose to purchase some other LMS.

7. Disruptive Students: because of recent incidents with students being aggressive or disruptive in class or departmental offices, Heads are asked to report these incidents to Mike Jungers and to speak up in public forums about possible ways to deal with these students in order to protect the integrity of the classroom and prevent any possibility of injury or violence.

Dates and Deadlines

January 24 Deadline for Faculty to submit Foundation Award material to Departmental office

January 31 ADPs due to Human Resources (copy to the Dean)

January 31 Deadline for submission of spring 2014 Faculty Research Grants

February 3 Deadline for nominations for BOG Staff Excellence and Faculty Excellence in Public Affairs

February 3 Deadline for Departments to forward Foundation award material to the Dean

February 4 Beginning of Chinese New Year’s Celebration

February 10 Faculty submit Annual Evaluation dossiers to Dept Heads (Digital Measures accounts must be updated by this date)

February 10 Dept Heads give Probationary Faculty evaluation dossiers to Dept committee

February 10 Deadline for Dean’s to forward Foundation award material to the Office of the Provost

February 11 Census Date: turn in PAFs for faculty teaching on-line classes