January 19, 2012

CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

January 19, 2012

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Craig Hemmens, Jack Llewellyn, Kathleen Kennedy, Bill Wedenoja

Dates to Remember

February 1 CHPA Research Forum: Patti Salinas (CRM) will speak on “Sexual Assault: Analysis of Contemporary Statutory Treatment in the U.S” at 11:45 in STRO 450.

February 2 All College Meeting at 3:30 in STRO 001.

February 10 Deadline for faculty to update their Digital Measures account and submit their annual evaluation dossier to Department Heads

March 16 Deadline for faculty to submit Equity Adjust Requests to Department Heads

March 31 Faculty initiate discussions with Department Heads on selection of external evaluators for Tenure and/or Promotion

April 6 Fall individual meetings between faculty and Department Heads should be completed and faculty should be given a written record of their annual evaluation. Those annual evaluations should be sent to the Dean by this date as well

May 1 Deadline for Department Heads to submit any revisions to Evaluation/Compensation criteria to Dean for Approval (note that PHI and REL are in the rotation to update their Tenure and Promotion documents this semester)

Topics discussed:

  1. Implications of the budget situation following the Governor’s State of the State Address: a presentation will be made to the college budget committee and in the All-College meeting on this topic
  2. Enrollment Management and Retention Measures: figures were shared and will be visited again when we reach census at the 4th week
  3. Development Measures – a wish list of small items has been requested
  4. Assessment Efforts: the committee will meet again in February to take the next step in the process
  5. Review and revision of departmental Tenure and Promotion guidelines: DSS, PHI, and REL are part of the formal rotation for this academic year
  6. Membership Fees/Dues: send Dean a list of faculty whose dues are paid by department funds
  7. Gifts reporting: make sure the form is filled out for each incident