January 15, 2015

CHPA Heads’ Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2015

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, Ken Brown, George Connor, Andrew Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, David Rohall, Troy Wisdom


  1. February 6th BOG meeting with consideration of fee resolution and 2016-2017 calendar.
  2. Admin assistant searches, no longer have to do an internal search first.
  3. Search for new Director of Public Safety underway.
  4. IDEA survey will be distributed on Tuesday, January 20 to all regular faculty.

Discussion Items:

  1. International Travel Awards - please encourage faculty to consider applying for these matching funds. They must already have an acceptance of their paper at the meeting.
  2. Spring 2015 enrollment – the college is up over 3% over spring 2014. Thanks to the Heads and their faculty for making this happen.
  3. Preparations for Annual Review – all tenured and tenure-track faculty must participate in an interview with their Head. Each Head will determine what materials should be submitted before the interview beyond updating the Digital Measures account and a written statement of research, teaching, and service goals for the coming year.
  4. Diversity Goal language for ADP – all of these documents must contain a diversity goal.
  5. HLC update – the draft of the report is nearly complete, but Heads should still expect to receive additional requests for information such as the recent one for syllabi from all classes.
  6. CHPA Annual Report Template – Heads are asked to look it over and send the Dean any suggestions for changes or additions.
  7. Upcoming recruiting events and materials were outlined by Pam Sailors
  8. The role of the Behavioral Intervention Team was described by Pam Sailors
  9. Building Project Proposal – while it is unlikely that a new building will be funded in the near future it is important for upper administration to know about the college’s present and future needs.
  10. PAIE now required for students beginning a major starting in fall 2014.

Dates and Deadlines:

January 19 Martin Luther King Holiday - MLK March, Mon, Jan 19, 9:30 am, at Mediacom Ice Park to Gillioz Theater for presentations. Followed by Multicultural Festival at HHPA, 12-4.

January 20 Winter 2015 Intersession Grades due by 10:00 am

January 31 ADPs due to Human Resources (copy to the Dean)

February 5 John Zumbrunnen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Ben Franklin on Self-Education & Self-Government” at 4:00 in Library 101

February 5 Craig Keener, Asbury Theological Seminary, “New Testament Miracles: Are They Historically Plausible?” – at 7:30 pm in CAR 208.

February 9 Faculty submit Annual Evaluation dossiers to Dept Heads (Digital Measures accounts must be updated by this date)

February 9 Dept Heads give Probationary Faculty evaluation dossiers to Dept committee

February 10 Census Date: turn in PAFs for faculty teaching on-line classes

February 19 CHPA Research Forum: Bukola Oyeniyi (HST), “Boko Haram: Taming the Monster,” in STRO 301 at 12:30-1:45