January 15, 2009

Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2009 – 9:30 a.m.

Present: Ardeshir Dalal (ECO), Tom Dicke (HST), Kirby Hanson (MIL), Pam Sailors (PHI), George Connor (PLS), Jack Llewellyn (REL), Karl Kunkel (SOC/ANT/CRM), and Victor Matthews.


  • Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates
  • January 19 University closed (Martin Luther King Day)
  • January 23 Staff Evaluations due to Dean
  • January 23 Construction for fall 2009 ends. This is the deadline for room priorities.
  • January 26 AAA (3:00 p.m., PSU 400)
  • January 27 Dr. Matthews in St. Louis for recruitment purposes. Dr. Llewellyn will handle college emergencies.
  • January 30 First Annual Criminal Justice Conference (1:30-5:30, PSU Ballroom West)
  • February 16 Dean notifies Provost on non-renewal of 1st year faculty
  • February 27 Yearly performance reviews of faculty due to Dean
  • March 2 Department Annual Review due to Dean
  • Dr. Matthews announced that Dr. Chris Craig, Associate Provost for Faculty, has accepted the position of Dean of Education at Drury University.


  • Dr. Matthews asked Dr. Sailors to check on Jack Knight’s continued availability to serve on the Foundation Awards Committee.
  • Dr. Matthews asked the Department Heads if Town Hall meeting times (Fridays at 2:00) were agreeable and their consensus was favorable.
  • Dr. Matthews announced the Bee Payne Stewart Strut Walk to be co-sponsored by Drury, Evangel, and Missouri State Universities and the Department Heads agreed that a CHPA team should be organized. Dr. Sailors was asked and agreed to serve as the CHPA team captain.
  • The International Travel Policy was discussed. Dr. Matthews reemphasized that travel availability would continue to be treated on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the President.
  • Program Reviews were discussed. Dr. Matthews asked for a program update for Political Science by April 1 for submission to the Provost and presentation to the Board of Governors’ Academic Affairs Committee in May.
  • The On-line Student Success Survey for CHPA majors was discussed. Department Heads agreed that encouragement to complete these surveys would start after mid-term and would allow a two-week period for completion.
  • The proposed 2-hour GEP 101 class (formerly IDS 110) was discussed and Department Heads were asked to consider various teaching formats for this course.
  • Dr. Matthews reminded the Department Heads that faculty participation should be encouraged for the Public Affairs Conference and the Ozarks New Energy Conference, both scheduled for late April.