January 14, 2010

Department Heads Meeting

January 14, 2010

Those Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Tom Dicke, Karl Kunkel, Jack Llewellyn


As of February 1st the reimbursement for mileage will change from 47.5 cents to 47 cents

Items for discussion:

  1. Digital Measures reporting of scholarly activity – Faculty are asked to be sure that their Digital Measures accounts are up-to-date and correct. February 12th is the deadline for completion and submission of annual review and compensation materials. The Dean will send out a memo to all faculty to assist them in their reporting process.
  2. Development of Blended courses – Gary Rader is developing an application form for those faculty who wish to propose developing a blended course. The current plan for these courses is to provide students a consistent and flexible course option with one day a week devoted to on-line or other technology-based pedagogy.
  3. Course Scheduling (bring along a copy of your fall 2010 schedule) – Given the large number of room changes that have taken place at the beginning of the spring semester, Heads are asked to reexamine their fall 2010 schedule to insure that courses are placed in appropriately sized classrooms and also to take into account changes in personnel since the schedule was put together in November. Changes are to be reported to the Dean’s Office.
  4. Summer and Intersession classes – The Dean will provide a chart of current offerings and Heads are asked to report any changes as soon as possible.
  5. Planned curricular changes – The Heads are asked to work with their faculty on any planned changes in their curriculum, including the identification of Public Affairs intensive courses, so that they can be included in the fall 2010 catalog. The Dean will provide a preliminary statement on possible solutions to this new requirement for all majors.
  6. Review of hiring and external review process – a general discussion took place updating the group on successful and on-going hires. SOC/ANT/CRM is to provide the Dean with an updated evaluation of their action plan based on their external review for presentation in June to the Board of Governors.


Jan 25 AAA meeting, 3:00 pm, PSU 400

Feb 1 MSU at OTC Day, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Feb 4 Graduate College Showcase, 2:00-8:00 pm, PSU Ballroom-West

Feb 12 Faculty submit individual dossier to Department Head for transmittal to Department Personnel/Compensation Committees as part of the Annual Faculty and Compensation Review

Feb 22 AAA meeting, 3:00 pm, PSU 400

Feb 24 President’s Town Hall Meeting

Mar 1 Deadline for summer and fall 2010 class schedule building