January 10, 2013

CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

January 10, 2013

Present: Victor Matthews, Terrel Gallaway (for Ardeshir Dalal), Brett Garland (for Craig Hemmens), Jack Knight (for Pam Sailors), George Connor, Troy Wisdom, Steve Berkwitz, Bill Wedenoja

Dates and Deadlines:

Jan 14 AAA, 3:00 pm in LIB 101

Jan 23 Salute to Legislators in Jeff City – Dean will be going

Jan 23 Assessment Showcase, 1-5:00 pm, PSU 3rd floor

Jan 31 ADP’s due to HR

Feb 11 Faculty Evaluation Dossiers due to Dept Heads

Feb 15 Excellence in Public Affairs Awards Nominations due


COAL Dean Candidates on campus late January, early February

Common Reader: Blake Mycoskie, “Start Something That Matters”

Five Plaster Stadium classrooms available for scheduling in fall 2013

New BOG members: Joe Carmichael (Springfield) and Cari Carrol (Jefferson City)

Earl Doman retiring in June (Kyle Moats search chairman)

NCATE has become CAPE

Discussion items:

  1. HLC Update
    a. Check syllabi of piggy-back courses to see that they clearly state differential requirements for undergrad and grad students
    b. Check to see that Program Level student learning outcomes are posted on departmental websites
  2. One-time Funding Proposals from Provost (electronic copy already sent to you) – deadline for submission to Dean is Feb 11
  3. Enrollment Update – overall enrollment just under 1% down from spring 2012; graduate enrollment up 14%
  4. CHPA Student Research forum will be postponed until fall 2013
  5. The college will experiment with removing trash cans from Strong Hall classrooms by starting with the basement classrooms and asking for recycling bins in the basement hallway