February 7, 2008

Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

February 7, 2008 – 11:00 a.m.

Present: Michael Sheng (HST), Brendan McKiernan (MIL), Pam Sailors (PHI/ECO), George Connor (PLS), Jack Llewellyn (REL), Karl Kunkel (SOC/ANT/CRM), Victor Matthews and Lorene Stone.Maurice Tate was a special guest.

Dean Stone welcomed Maurice Tate (Instructor of African American Studies) as the new CHPA Student Success Coordinator.


Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates

  • February 15 Department Head Tenure & Promotion recommendations due to Dean
  • February 15 CHPA Incentive Initiative proposals due to Dean
  • February 25 Application for Faculty Research & Curriculum Grants (SP08) due
  • February 25 AAA (3:00 p.m., PSU 400)
  • February 28 Department Heads complete individual meetings with faculty as part of the annual performance review, composite ratings and role parameter weights
  • February 28 Department Annual Report (2007) due to Dean
  • March 3 Composite ratings of faculty due to Dean
  • Dean Stone reported on the status of Internet Contracts (as discussed at Academic Council) and said the question of direct payments to departments had been posed.She said she should be able to transfer money directly into department accounts as needed so as not to lose carryforward funds
  • Faculty interested in going to China as guest lecturers should be encouraged to discuss this with their department heads as selection decisions for fall will be made in the next few weeks.
  • The Public Affairs Professorship nominees from CHPA are Ken Rutherford (PLS) and Suzanne Walker (SOC/ANT/CRM), with John Schmalzbauer (REL) serving on the Provost’s selection committee.
  • Department Heads were reminded to complete Gift Reports where applicable and continue to be cautionary with Foundation funds.


  • Dr. Matthews furnished handouts outlining the CHPA Assessment/Student Success Plan draft and duties of the new Student Success Coordinator, Dr. Tate.After discussion and suggestions of minor adjustments, the Department Heads agreed to the plan’s concept.Dr. Tate acknowledged the recruiting aspect as well as the importance of advisement and retention for student success and said he would be making appointments to talk to each Department Head individually in the next week or so.
  • Each of the Department Heads reported on their search/hiring updates, all expressing positive outlooks for timely selections.
  • Dean Stone asked the Department Heads to obtain faculty feedback in preparation for discussion next week on college equity adjustments.