February 5, 2015

Minutes - CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

February 5, 2015

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, Ken Brown, George Connor, Andrew Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, David Rohall, Patti Salinas

Discussion Items:

  1. Annual Review Process – a general discussion of the process took place with some of the senior Department Heads offering advice on how they have conducted the reviews in the past. It was noted that some faculty members have made errors in recording their data in Digital Measures and they need to be asked to review their entries.
  2. Departmental and College Workload Policies: all of these policy statements need to be completed and approved by the Dean by mid-March.
  3. Classroom Disruption Policy and follow up procedures (Class Disruption Form) – based on two recent incidents, the Heads were asked to familiarize themselves with this policy and be ready to answer questions from their faculty about it.
  4. Building the spring 2016 class schedule: Heads will be asked in about a month to begin working on this schedule. They should have a look at the successes and failures in the spring 2015 schedule and make adjustments, keeping in mind the new faculty who will be joining us.
  5. Departmental Assessment Plans: Once these plans have been updated they should be approved by the Dean and then posted on the website. A summary of data collected and actions taken based on the data must be included in the Annual Report by each Head.
  6. Bachelor or General Studies degree: this new degree has been approved by the coordinating board and will be available to students in fall 2015. It is designed by non-traditional students and those who have accumulated a lot of hours, but who still have not made good progress to complete a traditional major.

Dates and Deadlines:

February 5 Political Science presents John Zumbrunnen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Ben Franklin on
Self-Education & Self-Government” at 4:00 in Library 101

February 5 Religious Studies presents, Craig Keener, Asbury Theological Seminary, "New Testament Miracles:
Are They Historically Plausible?" in CAR 208 at 7:30 pm.

February 6 Deadline for submission of faculty research grant proposals to the Graduate College: Faculty Research Grants

February 9 Faculty submit Annual Evaluation dossiers to Dept Heads (Digital Measures accounts must be updated by this date)

February 9 Dept Heads give Probationary Faculty evaluation dossiers to Dept committee

February 10 Census Date: turn in PAFs for faculty teaching on-line classes

February 10 Political Science presents Daniel Hellinger, Webster U., "Venezuela -- The Oil Giant Enters the Post-Chavez Era," at 6:30 pm in LIB 101.

February 19 CHPA Research Forum: Bukola Oyeniyi (HST) will speak on "Boko Haram: Taming the Monster," in STRO 301 at 12:30-1:45.

February 20 Deadline for submission of requests for Summer Graduate Assistantships

March 2 Deadline for departments to build their basic schedule of course offerings for summer and fall 2015