February 5, 2009

CHPA Heads Meeting – Minutess

February 5, 2009

Dates to Remember:

  • February 5 -- National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions, day-long sessions in PSU, including one panel featuring Lora Vess, Margaret Buckner, John Harms, and Bill Wedenoja at 2-3:15 in PSU 312. For the complete program see this page.
  • February 9 – “Sustainable Skies: Light Pollution, Its Causes, Consequences, and Prevention” (organized by Terrel Gallaway and Alexander Wait), 7:00 pm, PSU Theater
  • February 11 -- Provost Research Forum, Rebecca Woodard, William Piston, 12:00-1:00, PSU 313
  • February 16 – Dean notifies Provost on non-renewal of 1st year faculty
  • February 19 – Student Panel: The Election of Barack Obama: What Does It Mean? – GLA 108, 8:00-9:30 pm
  • February 19 – MSU On-Line Open House, Meyer Alumni Center 400, 11:30-3:30
  • February 23 -- AAA, 3:00 PM, PSU 400
  • February 24 – Maurice Tate presentation, “Diversity in the Work Place” – 3:30 pm, STRO 004
  • February 26 -- 7 Ways to Effectively Engage Faculty in the Recruitment Process, 12:00-2:00, PSU East Ballroom
  • February 27 – Yearly performance reviews of faculty due to Dean
  • March 2 – Women’s History Month Speaker: Susan Hartman, “Women and Politics,” 7:00 pm in LIB 101
  • March 9 – Midterm Grades Due
  • March 11 -- Provost Research Forum, Wesley Scroggins, Martha Finch, 12:00-1:00, PSU 313

Items Discussed:

All CHPA Faculty are asked to log on to Digital Measures and update their 2008 information by February 28th.  Pam Sailors is available to assist faculty with the system.

The application criteria for the Public Affairs Professorship will be made available shortly and each College has been asked to submit the name of a faculty member who will serve on the selection committee.

The transition from IDS 110 to GEP 101 will take place in fall 2010. The Colleges are asked to explore ways in which this two hour course can be staffed and possibly combined with a one-hour discipline-based or “intro to the College” course. Discussions will continue with faculty on possible approaches and options.

The College Work Load policy was discussed. Possible revisions were raised and it was decided to wait on formalizing any changes until the Departments complete their Work Load policies later this semester.

For faculty who are developing a new On-Line course, Rachelle Darabi has noted that “Once a course is completely developed (all 16 weeks of content are online), then the funds will be distributed.”

The progress in the Departmental faculty searches was updated.