February 28, 2013

Minutes - CHPA Department Heads Meeting

February 28, 2013

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Craig Hemmens, Kathleen Kennedy, Bill Wedenoja, Troy Wisdom

Dates and Events:

March Women’s History Month 

March 5 Relationships in Islam panel, 7:00-8:30, Temple 003.

March 5 Severe Weather Exercise – 1:30

March 9-17 Spring Break

March 15 Departmental Personnel Committees submit report of annual review of progress toward tenure & promotion to Department Heads.

March 15 Equity Requests due to Department Heads

March 25 Dr. Steven Ozment lecture, "Art in the Service of Religion and Belief," 5:30-7:30 pm in GLAS 101

March 29 Faculty applicants for tenure and/or promotion begin discussion with Head on selection of external reviewers

Items Discussed:

  1. General Education Revision: discussion centered on those courses that had been approved, those sent back for revision and resubmission, and any new courses that will be submitted.
  2. Alternate Pathways Tracking Project – Don Simpson’s office has developed a new computerized system designed to track students by their principal modality as a planning tool. The Deans were sent a list of majors who are not yet officially classified and were asked to have departments respond in two weeks with a determination of how these students should be classified (on-line, evening, campus).
  3. HLC Questions and Concerns: Tammy Jahnke presented ALC with a list of preliminary questions about issues related to the upcoming HLC accreditation visit. Of particular interest to CHPA is oversight of the website to insure the university mission is prominent on all departmental pages, and that syllabi for “piggy-back” courses with both undergraduate and graduate students clearly indicate the different assignments and expectations for both types of students.
  4. St. Louis and St. Charles Community College – possible articulation and completion agreements are being discussed. In particular, CRM may be asked to attend future planning meetings.
  5. Accelerated Masters: Departments with Masters programs are encouraged to advertise and recruit our best undergraduate students into these programs.
  6. Dual Credit Teachers Development – Monett and Branson: a recently received grant by the Writing Project will allow participating high school faculty to take two courses in graduate programs tuition free. This may be an opportunity for the MSED program in History.
  7. Severe Weather Exercise: the exercise on Tuesday, March 5 will be coordinated by Pam Sailors with the assistance of the Heads. Only those classes that are conducting an exam are exempt from participation.
  8. IDEA results: this assessment tool for administrators was distributed to the Heads.
  9. Women’s History Month Calendar was distributed electronically and Heads were encouraged to inform their faculty and students about the large number of events that are planned for March.