February 27, 2014

CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

February 27, 2014

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Kathleen Kennedy, Dan Kaufman, Patti Salinas, Bill Wedenoja, Troy Wisdom

Discussion Items:

  1. Green Team applications: The Department Heads were encouraged to speak with their faculty and staff about applying for the Green Team initiative.
  2. Registration for Fall and Summer 2014 classes: With pre-registration sequence beginning on March 31st, the Heads were asked to insure that their courses, especially upper division and new courses were advertised and promoted.
  3. The Deadline for submission of the first draft spring 2015 schedule is May 5, 2014.
  4. Annual Review Discussions with Faculty: The Heads were reminded to initiate the annual review discussions with their faculty. This is an opportunity to discuss productivity and workload issues as well as future plans in research and teaching.
  5. Annual Report Template: The Heads were given a copy of last year’s annual report template and asked to let the Dean know if they have any suggestions for changes.
  6. Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum: All CHPA graduate students are encouraged to participate in the forum and faculty are encouraged to volunteer as judges.
  7. Scholarships: With March 1st as the deadline for students to register in the online scholarship system, Heads were asked to advertise their scholarships to their majors and minors. For those with graduate programs, they should also remind first year students of the Strong Family Graduate scholarship for those who do not receive GA positions.
  8. Recruitment Materials: George Connor distributed copies of his new departmental “postcard” that will be used at recruiting events. The Dean reminded the Heads that he is willing to fund the costs of producing these recruitment materials for each department.
  9. Per Course Instructors: All Departments should have submitted for approval the per course posting with the HR search system by March 7th.
  10. Severe Weather Exercise – Tuesday, March 4th at 1:30 pm: The Heads will assist the Dean with managing this exercise.

Dates and Deadlines:

February 27 CHPA Research Forum features Dr. Lisa Hall (SOC), who will speak on "MSU’s Public Sociology Program and Springfield-Greene County Health Department,” at 2:30 pm in STRO 450.

March 1 Deadline for departments to build their basic schedule of course offerings for summer and fall 2014

March 5 Dr. Jerald Friedman, U. of Massachusetts, will speak on the topic “Health Care Finance beyond the Affordable Care Act: Missouri and Single Payer,” in Karls 101 at noon.

March 7 Deadline for BOG Staff Excellence and Faculty Excellence in Public Affairs Applications

March 10-16 Spring Break

March 14 Provost notifies Applicants of Promotion Decisions

March 14 Deadline for Faculty to submit Equity Adjustment to Department Heads

March 14 Probationary Faculty – Departmental Personnel Committees submit report of annual review of progress toward tenure and promotion to Department Heads. Faculty members are given a written record of the departmental evaluation (confirmation of receipt by signature)

March 28 Faculty applicants for Tenure/Promotion begin discussion with Heads on selection of external reviewers

March 28 Department Heads submit Equity Adjustment Requests to Deans with Rationale

March 31 Dept Heads prepare and Deans send PAFs for Promotion to Provost’s Office