December 13, 2007

Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2007 – 11:00 a.m.

Present: Thornton Miller (HST), Brendan McKiernan (MIL), Pam Sailors (PHI/ECO), Beat Kernen (PLS), Jack Llewellyn (REL), Karl Kunkel (SOC/ANT/CRM), Victor Matthews, and Lorene Stone.


Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates

  • December 14 BOG/CHPA Graduate Reception (10:30, Atrium) / MSU Commencement (12:30 p.m., Hammons Student Center)
  • There will be NO Department Heads’ meetings on December 20 or January 1.
  • Suzanne Walker/Liz Sobel (SOC/ANT/CRM) were awarded one of three campus-wide Fall 2007 Curriculum Grants.
  • Department Heads were advised that anyone wishing to serve as an Emergency Volunteer could complete the registration form
  • Dean Stone relayed the PEC announcement that COE is developing a two-hour diversity course and will also conduct an internal search for a Director of Secondary Education.
  • The Provost announced an internal search for Director for the Center for International Studies.
  • A reminder was made that the Department Annual Report (in a “slightly new” format) is due to the Dean by the end of February 2008.
  • Faculty can expect decisions to be made in early January regarding the availability of CHPA intersession and summer courses.


  • Searches/Hiring Updates
    1. A handout outlining CHPA Reimbursement Guidelines 2007-2008 was distributed and some of the changes were discussed.Dean Stone pointed out that many Springfield restaurants accepted tax exempt forms (available in the Dean’s office) which should be used whenever possible.
    2. The revised appointment letter template is now available on the Provost’s website.
    3. Rationale for hiring/ranking must be complete and the EOR forms filled out as specifically as possible.Once the EOR is approved, background checks can be begun.
  • With regard to the FY09 Decision Package (a term for “new money”), a list of budget requests and costs is due to the Dean by January 9.Discussions if necessary will occur at the Department Heads’ meeting on January 10 with the final college submission to the Provost on January 11.
  • Workload Document.During Academic Council, the Provost highlighted these points:
    1. Scholarship reassignment policy MUST be enforced.
    2. Productivity translates to mean publication.Dean Stone has compiled a list of CHPA faculty without a publication in press or accepted for publication during 2005 and 2006.She encouraged the Department Heads to review this list with her after Faculty Activity Reports for 2007 have been submitted in order to make possible adjustments to teaching loads.
    3. Department Heads were asked to assess low enrollment classes for Spring 2008 and to work with Dr. Matthews on action to be taken.
  • Dean Stone reminded the Department Heads that staff evaluations are due by January 31.All evaluations should be as accurate and rigorous as possible.

Dean Stone announced that this was Dr. Kernen’s last Department Heads’ meeting and commended him for his service and leadership in the past years.She invited the Department Heads to a good-bye gathering for him at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 20, at the Springfield Brewery.