December 12, 2013

HPA Department Heads’ Meeting

December 12, 2013

Present: Victor H. Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, George Connor, Terrel Gallaway, Kathleen Kennedy, Patti Salinas, Bill Wedenoja, Troy Wisdom

  1. Governor’s initiative for Higher Education – brief discussion of the additional funding for higher education proposed by the governor, which will be sent to the Legislature in January
  2. Chief Performance Indicators: % of students completing 24 credit hours in first academic year – in particular, the suggestion was made to advise students to take summer classes if they are deficient in this area
  3. LMS (see attached report) – discussion of Blackboard and other possibilities for electronic pedagogy. Heads are asked to informally discuss the enhancements faculty would like to have.
  4. Facilities Reporting – Heads are asked to provide timely reports of issues with the facilities so that work orders can be issued and repairs made.
  5. Final exams and the weather – no significant problems were reported due to the bad weather.
  6. PSIP applications –seven faculty have applied for this award. The CHPA Personnel Committee will have electronic access to the files for their evaluation in January.
  7. Here is the link to the application and leaf one checklist for Green Teams: Green Team Applications
  8. Postcards to replace APG’s – examples from the Publications Office were distributed and funding was offered by the Dean to assist with the creation of new recruitment materials.
  9. Monitor near Chartwell’s kiosk (see attachment) – if this is installed then departments will be asked to submit information and images that they would like to use to announce events or assist with recruitment efforts.


December 19 Dean in St. Louis

December 21 Power and Infrastructure outages between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm