August 16, 2007

Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2007 – 8:00 a.m.

Present: Michael Sheng (HST), Pam Sailors (PHI/ECO), Beat Kernen (PLS), Brendan McKiernan (MIL), Jack Llewellyn (REL), Karl Kunkel (SOC/ANT/CRM), Lorene Stone and Victor Matthews.


  • Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates

August 16 All-Faculty Luncheon

August 19 New Student Convocation.Dr. Elizabeth Rozell (Management) will be speaking, and faculty are encouraged to participate.The convocation will emphasize the theme of “student success.”

August 20 List of CHPA faculty up for tenure this year due to Dean Stone.

August 21 CHPA New Faculty Breakfast.Invitations should have been received.

August 28 All-College Reception/Meeting (3:30 p.m., Atrium)

August 28 Legacy Day Barbeque.All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend.

August 31 One-page Futures Proposals due to Dean Stone, after which all Deans will work towards prioritization.

September 8 CHPA Picnic, to be held on a Saturday evening for the first time.Details will be forthcoming.

  • A number of CHPA faculty have been contacted about participating in the Living/Learning Community Pilot Project.
  • Dean Stone distributed a list of suggested books, as compiled by the Administrative Council, for faculty reviews for The Springfield News-Leader.She would like the names of interested faculty volunteers for this project by Friday, together with the titles of books they wish to review, for submission to Paul Kincaid.
  • Dean Stone announced that Tom Tomasi (BIO) is the new Associate Dean of the Graduate College.
  • Faculty are encouraged to view the Emergency Response Task Force Report now on-line and to offer any feedback to President Neitzel.
  • Dean Stone asked the Department Heads to remind their faculties that computer installation in the classrooms has priority over individual office installations.
  • Dean Stone asked the Department Heads to furnish the following information to her ASAP:
    1. A plan for carryforward funds
    2. Plans for faculty travel for 2007-08 (i.e., how many will travel as well as who traveled last year).Dean Stone will increase travel funds from $600 to $750 per faculty member.
    3. Updated Talking Points for Phone Campaign.
  • Department Heads from REL, HST, SOC/ANT/CRM and PLS stated the arrangements (compensation and/or reassigned time) made with their Program Directors/Coordinators.


  • Dean Stone announced that Karl Kunkel is the CHPA representative on the Advisory Committee for the Faculty Center on Teaching and Learning.She also commended Dr. Kunkel for his excellent presentation at the Showcase on Teaching and Learning, but lamented the low turnout of CHPA faculty.She asked the Department Heads to stress that showcase attendance is a good way to enhance teaching by embracing classroom innovations.
  • A draft of Compensation 101 has been released by the Provost’s office and can be viewed electronically on the Provost’s website.The following items were discussed by the Department Heads:
    1. All faculty will be evaluated each year.
    2. Revisions of department criteria are due to Dean Stone by September 17.
    3. Department/college data on department committee rating distributions were compared.
  • Notes from the Deans’ Retreat included the following items:
    1. A minority (racial or ethnic) hiring plan is to be emphasized this year with three years of support from the Provost’s Office.Departmental search committees are encouraged to be aggressive in minority recruitment.
    2. In order to achieve student success with improved retention and graduation rates, the following items were discussed:

·The deadline for proposals to revamp/redesign obstacle courses is November 1.

·ALL students must have an assigned academic advisor.

·Senior majors could be enlisted to call or e-mail new majors.

·Hiring a Professional Advisor in each College which would serve as a backup measure only and NOT as a replacement for Academic Advisors.

·Seats for Fall general education courses need to be opened gradually throughout the summer.

    1. All departments must have an updated strategic plan which is due to the Dean ASAP.
    2. GEP 397 will likely be eliminated.It has been suggested that a 1-hour course on careers at either the College or Departmental level be developed, and all majors should contain a capstone course. Dean Stone will need an explanation from each department on how Public Affairs is integrated into each major.
    3. With pressure to bring in external money for research and sponsored projects, all CHPA faculty should be registered for SMARTS--a funding alert system that will send faculty and staff information about possible funding opportunities.Summer Faculty Fellowships will increase to $6,000.New entry-level hires will receive $5,000 for the first summer to establish a research agenda.(This can also be used as a recruiting tool.)
    4. Area Studies will have separate faculty committees for International Programs.
    5. In the Continuing Education transition, Dean Stone will review Winter Intersession Proposals.A permanent salary “bump” for regular on-line instruction will replace the $55 per student supplement.

Dean Stone distributed a list of College Goals for 2007-2008.These goals will be discussed at department retreats and the All-College Meeting.