April 29, 2010

CHPA Department Heads Meeting

April 29, 2010

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Tom Dicke, Ardeshir Dalal, Karl Kunkel, Jack Llewellyn, Kirby Hanson

Deadlines and Dates:

April 30 Department Annual Report due to Dean

May 3 All Faculty Recognition Reception – PSU Ballroom

Items for Discussion:

  1. Marketing Message and Materials: The university will be rolling out its new marketing message and there will be a number of on-line and print options to display the new slogan of "Follow Your Passion -- Find Your Place ." The Heads are asked to please check to see if their Admin Asst. uses Adobe InDesign to prepare to use the on-line options.
  2. College Goals: Dovetailing on the suggestions made by the Dean's college advisory committee, the Heads were asked to make suggestions and revisions on the 2010 CHPA goals.
  3. Report on Graduate Programs: The Heads who have graduate programs were asked to compile a report on the past five years demonstrating total headcount, graduation rates, and post-grad activities.
  4. Summer and Fall enrollments were discussed with an eye to meeting enrollment minimums and adding sections in critical areas to meet upcoming SOAR demands.
  5. Draft Hiring Procedures: The Heads were asked to react to a set of hiring procedures that had been put together by HR and Financial Services. The consensus was that these procedures were helpful.
  6. Academic Calendar (see attachment): There were some suggestions made by Jack Llewellyn on the small window provided to Heads to react to compensation scores in this calendar and he was asked to convey his concerns to Art Spisak in the Provost's Office.
  7. Department Conditions Evaluation: The Heads discussed the various elements in this evaluation, but also noted that the N for several departments was so low that no significant conclusions could be drawn.