April 23, 2015

Minutes - CHPA Heads’ Meeting

April 23, 2015

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, Ken Brown, George Connor, Kathleen Kennedy, Andrew Johnson, David Rohall, Patti Salinas, Troy Wisdom

Discussion Items:

  1. Diversity Course Training: the Heads were reminded to complete the “homework” for this workshop by Friday.
  2. Per Course Orientation: after consultation with Chris Craig, emeriti faculty teaching per course will not be asked to attend the orientation nor will on-line instructors who do not live in Springfield. Materials from the orientation, however, are to be shared with these individuals.
  3. Exit Interview Assessment Materials: the Heads were encouraged to read through these materials, share them with their faculty, and use them as part of their assessment deliberations.
  4. Course Schedule Building – Winter Intersession proposals are due May 8th and the draft spring 2016 schedule is due to the Dean on May 4th.
  5. Registration for fall 2015: preliminary figures compared to census of fall 2014 were discussed. Heads were asked to keep track of upper division courses with low enrollments. If they have not shown any growth by the beginning of SOAR, some may have to be deleted and the instructors given another teaching assignment.
  6. Teaching Evaluation Instrument: at the request of Andy Johnson (PHI) question #8 on the teaching evaluation instrument was discussed. He raised the issue of equating student pleasure or displeasure with an instructor based on rigorous grading standards was problematic. He was given the task of chairing a faculty committee (members from each department) in fall 2015 to reevaluate the instrument and determine if changes need to be made.
  7. Assigning and using GA students: since REL recently revised their guidelines for assignment and use of GA students, these guidelines were shared with the Heads for their information.

Dates and Deadlines:

April 23 CHPA Research Forum features Indira Palacios-Valladares (PLS), speaking on “With or Without Them: Student Movements and Parties in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay since the Return to Democracy,” at 3:30 in STRO 205.

April 24 Political Science and the Strong Chair in Middle Eastern Politics present Dr. Matteo Legrenzi, U. of Venice, speaking on "The Saudi-Iranian Rivalry: Filling Contested Vacuums in the Middle East," at 7:00 pm in Karls 101.

April 29 Retirement Reception for Jim Moyer (REL), PSU 400 at 4:00 pm.

May 1 Diversity Training Workshop

May 4 First Draft of spring 2016 class schedule due to the Dean

May 5 All Faculty Recognition Reception in PSU Ballroom

May 7 ROTC Spring Award Ceremony – Coger Theater at 3:30

May 8 All Teaching Evaluations due to Dean’s Office

May 8 Deadline: Winter Intersession 2015-16 proposals

May 8 Remunerated Outside Activities Reports are due to department heads

June 5 Remunerated Outside Activities Reports are due to Dean