April 17, 2008

 Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2008 – 11:00 a.m.

Present: Michael Sheng (HST), Brendan McKiernan (MIL), Pam Sailors (PHI/ECO), George Connor (PLS), Jack Llewellyn (REL), Karl Kunkel (SOC/ANT/CRM), Victor Matthews and Lorene Stone.


Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates

  • April 15-18 Public Affairs Conference
  • April 18 Faculty C.V.s due to Dean’s office
  • April 28 AAA (PSU 400, 3:00-4:30 p.m.)
  • May 5 CHPA End-of-Semester/Retirement Reception (Atrium, 3:30-5:00).The three retirees to be honored are Alice Bartee (PLS), Robin Amonker (SOC/ANT/CRM), and Gary Brock (SOC/ANT/CRM).
  • May 16 CHPA Graduate Reception (Atrium, 11:30 a.m.)
  • May 16 CHPA Commencement (Hammons Student Center, 1:30 p.m.)
  • Dean Stone announced that Karl Kunkel will be the CHPA representative to the conference, “Evaluating Faculty Performance in the Classroom.”
  • Two graduate students (one from Sociology and one from History) have been hired for the Digital Measures project commencing this summer.
  • In seeking nominations for the Greg Onstot Outstanding Achievement Award, Dean Stone suggested Jim Moyer (REL) as the CHPA nominee.The Department Heads agreed unanimously with this choice.


  • In response to earlier queries, Dean Stone stated there would be no incentive to spending down monies by the end of the fiscal year and said to retain carry forward funds.Requests for new computers should be turned in promptly, new faculty having priority, and she will start monitoring account balances by the end of the month.Tim Stipp (CHPA Budget Officer) will make spreadsheets for department budgets available next Friday.
  • Teaching evaluations for 600-level classes were discussed.Since past practice has been for each department to establish their own criteria for conducting these evaluations, Dean Stone suggested a college-wide evaluation process to include all graduate classes.She asked the Department Heads to create packets of evaluation instruments for all graduate classes and to submit completed evaluations to Dr. Matthews.Graduate evaluations will be scored separately from undergraduate ones.
  • The Department Heads acknowledged receipt of the Carnegie Survey from Elizabeth Burton and the need to start doing assessments.
  • The importance of understanding the Tenure/Promotion process and the selection of external reviewers was re-emphasized, and several criteria for selecting reviewers were cited.Dean Stone stated that reviewers should be chosen by the end of the spring semester, and Department Heads should contact them as soon as possible to check on their interest/availability.Materials will be sent to the reviewers around August 1, 2008.
  • The new Department Heads’ meeting time (9:30 to 11:00 on Thursdays) will take effect on May 22, 2008.
  • Dr. Matthews announced that the renovation of STRO 250 (accommodating 23 students) was nearly complete.