April 16, 2009

CHPA Heads Meeting – Minutes

April 16, 2009

Present: Victor Matthews, Jack Llewellyn, Karl Kunkel, Ardeshir Dalal, Kirby Hanson, Tom Dicke.

Dates to Remember:

  • April 20 -- A discussion on finding the ‘True’ German in the early settlement of Hermann, Missouri, Matt Lammers (SOC), 4:00 pm in STRO 200
  • April 21-24 – Public Affairs Conference
  • May 7 – Faculty submit outside activity reports to department heads

Items Discussed:

Bernie McCarthy spoke briefly on the services provided by the Community and Social Issues Institute. These include marketing, graphics, and consultation with faculty and departments on non-credit short courses and workshops.Each of the Department Heads was urged to continue the discussion with McCarthy as a possible measure in producing additional revenue for the Departments.

The CHPA Vision Statement continued to be discussed with an emphasis at this meeting on developing a set of coherent College goals.Once a new version of the statement is completed, it will be sent out to CHPA faculty and staff for their comments.

The Student Success Survey continues to be available on-line to our majors until April 24th.At that point the data will be gathered and analyzed.

The Heads were reminded that pre-registration ends on Thursday, April 23rd. On May 1st, the Heads will need to take note of courses that do not meet enrollment minimums and we will discuss options for these courses and the faculty teaching them at the Heads meeting on May 7th.

Each of the Heads was asked to have a draft of the spring 2010 class schedule ready by May 7th.It is understood that additional changes will be made in this initial draft, but for enrollment management purposes it is best to have it completed before faculty leave for the summer.

It was announced that ECO had completed its new hire and PLS was about to make a decision on its new position.The CRM Head search is still underway at this point.