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College of Humanities and Public Affairs Co-Hosted First International Conference on Inquisition Studies


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Missouri State University hosted the first International Conference on Inquisition Studies February 8-10, 2008 at the Hawthorne Park Hotel in Springfield.

The event was co-hosted by the Missouri State Provost Research Initiative, the College of Humanities and Public Affairs, the Latin American, Caribbean and Hispanic Studies Program, and the History and Religious Studies departments.

More than fifty scholars from universities and research centers from around the world held a variety of panel sessions and official book presentations on current research concerning the Holy Office of the Inquisition and its role in World History.

With topics ranging from witchcraft and medicine to the censorship of the Inquisition, more than fifty academic presentations explored many aspects of the Inquisition and the effect that it has had on world history.

Conference organizer Dr. John Chuchiak (HST), associate professor of history at Missouri State, along with Dr. David Tavarez (Vassar College), and Dr. Kimberly Lynn Hossain (Western Washington University), hosted the conference as the inaugural academic event to showcase Missouri State University’s new Provost Initiative Program on Latin American, Caribbean and Hispanic Studies. More than six current and past Missouri State University graduate students also participated and presented academic research papers that were well received by the international participants.

This conference, the first in a series of bi-annual conferences on the topic of Inquisition Studies, served as a great place to show off the different areas of research that are currently taking place in Inquisition Studies. “The conference panels assembled here highlighted some of the more recent research, methods and conclusions of current Inquisition studies,” said Chuchiak. The conference was also very well attended by the University community with more than 300 registered participants and a similarly large audience in attendance from the Springfield community who came to participate in the panels which were open and free to the public.

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